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Our Process

Our simple process helps you define your strengths and identify weaknesses, and matches you with the most compatible tutors to supercharge your VCE journey.

Application Form
Fill in our application form and include as much context as possible so we can provide you with the best support.
Customised Advice
Based on your individual requirements, we will provide you with the options we have available via email and match you with an experienced tutor who is familiar with the your school's texts and syllabus.
Free Trial Class
Our tutor will reach out to help you book in a free Trail Class, and conduct a session based on your preferences. This session, allows you to determine the tutor's compatibility and understand our teaching approach better.
Once your interest has been confirmed, our team will send you an invoice covering the lesson of the term for payment. The invoice is paybale before the first scheduled class, and your spot will be reserved until then.
Access our Platforms
You will have access to our student portal, which allows you to track your bookings and read our announcements, and a customised Google Folder, which contains existing materials – and will store future class notes. Our team will also post printed booklets and materials to your address to get you ready.
Start your Journey
Prepare for your class, connect with your tutors, and be ready to see improvements in your performace, in VCE and beyond.