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Lindsey's VCE Tutoring is Melbourne's most comprehensive and specialised VCE English tutoring program, powered by academic research. Our curriculum is designed to help students unlock their academic prowess naturally and methodically, without added stress and pressure.

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Watch a video lesson from our Expert Tutor, William Liu (99.85 ATAR), who has helped many students score above 40, including a perfect study score of 50 through creative pedagogy and proven methods.

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Michael Chang
I cannot thank my tutors William Liu, William Bucknall and Lindsey Dang enough for the incredible support and mentorship they have provided which resulted in my success in English and VCE.
Lee Nguyen
Before attending her lessons, my SAC scores were around C+; Lindsey has helped me achieve A+ in all subsequent SACs and a 44 study score in English (EAL)!
Vy Vu
Lindsey did not just teach me how to do well in the exams, but also to see beauty in the world of literature.
Zefang Cui
Ella was such an amazing tutor gave really good feedback and eloquent way of speech, she helped me rethink the (Analysing Arguments) process, the resources provided were also top notch.
Yvonne Sun
I really enjoyed the group language analysis classes and the individual sessions because they covered a lot of specific features of argument structures, persuasive elements, and poetic techniques.
Maddie Farrer
I am very happy- I ended up with a 46! Thanks for all your help. It was super helpful to get some feedback outside of school and the small details definitely helped me refine my essays.
Henry Nguyen
Classes with Lindsey have been really worthwhile! I have learned so much from Lindsey. She paces her classes just right so you feel challenged but not overwhelmed. You can really see Lindsey’s dedication to teaching through her constructive feedbacks

The Only Tutoring Curriculum Powered by Academic Research

Up-to-date Curriculum

We have an in-house research team, set out to ensure that our tutors are always trained to teach the current study design. We know what VCAA is looking for in high scoring responses.

100+ hours of research included

Our team of tutors, led by our founder are supremely dedicated to reading and analysing all course materials, to enable the best student outcomes.

500+ pages of content included

Our resources are intuitively designed to inspire deep learning. Our students have access to hundreds of slides of powerpoints and four printed booklets.

Curated by Honours-level academics

Our resources are curated by scholars of english literature to provide highest quality content powered by years of practice.

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Seamless digital learning experience, paired with intuitively designed resources delivered to each student's house. Designed to accelerate learning and growth.
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