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An Ultimate Guide to Things Fall Apart by Chinue Achebe
Centred around the life of Umuofia, a fictional clan in Nigeria, Achebe’s novel describes the rich tribal traditions, customs and lifestyles that fall apart upon European colonisation.
An In-Depth Analysis of Sunset Boulevard’s Opening Sequence: A Metaphor of Hollywood's Vanity
Sunset Boulevard's 1950 opening sequence, brought to life by Billy Wilder, is not just a captivating introduction to a classic film noir, but a striking commentary on Hollywood's darker side.
How to Approach 10 Mark Questions in VCE Psychology
In this comprehensive guide titled "How to Approach 10 Mark Questions in VCE Psychology," we'll delve deep into proven tactics, step-by-step guides, and practical examples to boost your confidence and prepare you for this particular challenge.
Deep Dive: Chapter 1 of We Have Always Lived in The Castle by Shirley Jackson
Jackson embarks on a journey through the human psyche, charting the progression from repression to psychosis, from persecution to paranoia, and from cruelty to masochism.
Dissecting a Full Mark 20/20 ‘The Women of Troy’ Sample Essay
In this blog, we will be dissecting a full mark 20/20 sample essay on The Women of Troy.
VCAA Examiner's Reports: Simple DO's and DON'T's to help you achieve top scores
What if you could read the minds of your exam markers? Decode the unspoken (but written) rules of VCE English through this comprehensive list of assessors' pet peeves and favourite moments.
High Ground: Opening Sequence Analysis and Film Techniques
Visually depicting Australia’s Frontier Wars, Johnson’s film “High Ground” acts as a critical expośe of Colonial and Post Colonial Australia.
VCE Psychology: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Approaches to Psychology
One of the key additions to the 2023–2027 VCE psychology study design is the focus on First Nations peoples’ ways of doing, being and knowing.
Gothic Symbols in Shirley Jackson's We Have Always Lived in the Castle
Shirley Jackson's Gothic novel 'We Have Always Lived in the Castle' features an array of symbols that reflect the genre's traditional themes of isolation, decay, and psychological turmoil.
Text Response: Identifying and Correcting Common Essay Errors
Many students are taught ‘there is no right or wrong answer in English’; and to our disappointment, there are indeed unspoken rules that, when abided by, can impress teachers and assessors.
The Liminality of Euripides’ Women of Troy
Despite there being a plethora of rich analysis on Euripides’ The Women of Troy, one aspect of the play that is rarely discussed is its liminal setting.
An Ultimate Guide to Station Eleven
Mandel’s Station Eleven endeavours to present both honesty and optimism in its portrayal of how humanity deals with – or attempts to deal with – the collapse of society around them.
An Ultimate Guide to Sunset Boulevard by Billy Wilder
Sunset Boulevard is a 1950 film noir written and directed by Billy Wilder. It follows Joe Gillis, a struggling screenwriter, as he stumbles upon former movie star Norma Desmond.
An Ultimate Guide to Argument Analysis
The argument analysis component of the VCE English Exam is asking you to demonstrate that you can understand what an author is trying to get across, and how they have designed their writing to convince their audience. On a more granular level, each piece of analysis in these kinds of essays needs to examine three things:
Stylistic Devices and Symbolism in Rainbow's End by Jane Harrison
Since many students will be studying Rainbow’s End for their creative writing assessments, we hope that this guide will help you better understand how Harrison constructed her play, and which elements you can adopt and transform through your own creative writing to show a high level understanding of the text.
Narrative Features and Symbolism in Station Eleven by Emily St Mandel
Mandel’s Station Eleven endeavours to present both honesty and optimism in its portrayal of how humanity deals with – or attempts to deal with – the collapse of society around them.
An Ultimate Guide to Creative Responses and Written Commentary (SOIs)
The creative task – many students’ relished chance to set aside the rigour of textual analysis in favour of original and imaginative writing.
An Ultimate Guide to Rainbow's End by Jane Harrison
Jane Harrison’s 2007 play ‘Rainbow’s End’ invites its audience into the household of three Indigenous women as they struggle to realise their dreams in an era of racial segregation and dispossession. 
Sample Essay: Analysing Arguments with a 50-study-scorer
Passively flicking through sample analysing arguments sample essays will not help you achieve those perfect scores in your SACs. Reverse-engineering a sample essay written by a 50-study-scorer may though!
Sample Essay: Fate in The Women of Troy by Euripides
Unlock the mysteries of 50 study scores (or the highly coveted Premier’s Award) through our essay commentary on an essay written by one of our senior tutors – VCE English Premier’s Award recipient, Aurora Lahur.
Video Deep Dive: VCAA English Exam NHT 2018 - Our Future with Robots
William Liu - one of our most experienced tutors - will be walking you through the VCAA English Northern Hemisphere exam in this online lesson.
An Ultimate Guide to We Have Always Lived in the Castle
Instead of focusing on paranormality, Jackson conveys a “vast intimacy with everyday evil, with the pathological undertones of prosaic human configurations: a village, a family, a self”.
Sample Essay: Identity in Pride & I Am Malala
Until very recently, there was a lack of resources available for those who needed to compare and contrast Yousafzai’s memoir “I am Malala” with Warchus’ film “Pride” .
Opening Sequence of Pride (2014) by Matthew Warchus
Based on the historical strike in 1984, Matthew Warchus’s comedy-drama “Pride” depicts the uneasy coalition between the British coal miners and the gay and lesbian activists.
Presenting Arguments: A Guide to Oral Presentation
To help you alleviate your stress in preparing for this SAC, we have created a comprehensive guide on this particular topic which includes some ideas to help you develop your writing, research and presentation skills! An annotated sample response is also attached for your reference.
Characterisation, Narrative Convention and Symbolism in The Women of Troy
Euripides' The Women of Troy provides rich opportunities for analysing characterisation, narrative unconventionality and symbolism.
An Ultimate Guide to The Women of Troy by Euripides
Set amidst the immediate aftermath of the infamous Trojan war, Euripides’ tragedy The Women of Troy serves as a critique of the atrocities committed by the Greeks during both the siege of Troy and Melos.
An Ultimate Guide to Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Set in Regency England, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice satirises contemporary marital conventions and underlines the consequences of class divisions on individuals’ relationships.
An Ultimate Guide to Nine Days by Tony Jordans
Toni Jordan’s Nine Days is a non-linear historical fiction novel that tells the stories of two generations of Westaways, a fictional family situated in Richmond, Victoria.
Sample Essay: Social Expectations in Pride & I Am Malala
In this blog, we will walk you through the key ideas unpacked in an A+ comparative essay, and the features that make the essay stand out.
Best Apps For Students To Boost Productivity
Are you struggling with schoolwork, and wondering how you can maximise the amount of work completed within a day? Thankfully, there is now an abundance of apps available to students that can help you increase your productivity.
An Ultimate Guide to In Cold Blood By Truman Capote
In Cold Blood is perhaps amongst the less popular texts chosen by schools for the VCE exams, and most often dreaded by English students due to the novelty of the genre, and the pace of the novel, in that it is packed with events and difficult to follow.
An Ultimate Guide to Wordsworth’s Poetry
Romantic works are often centred around the life experience of individuals within both the spiritual and physical realms; they attempt to capture individual variations in perception, multiplying and co-existing truths, and the capacity the receptive consciousness has to filter and re-create reality.