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Want to join a growing team of talented individuals who share the same passion for transforming educational experiences? You’ve come to the right place.

We are not just another tutoring that promotes itself as effective, or result-oriented, but we care deeply about growth and talent nurturing.

We are Melbourne's most inclusive and tutor-centric tutoring community. Here, we seek to create an environment that organically cultivates passion in budding talents, allowing them to excel. Our tutors — some are our past students — pay forward by inspiring next generations of creative academics.


Benefits of working with us:

We minimise the hassles so you can focus on inspiring next generations of creative academics.

  • Printed and digital resources created by our leadership team, and content from thousands of amassed experience.

  • Streamlined process to minimise admin work for tutors, competitive hourly rates way above industry standards, and a regular (strong) stream of clients!

  • Nobody can compete with us in the 'team-building' side of things: we host the funnest events, training sessions, and (drum rolls) company retrreats.

Our Story

Founded by Lindsey Dang in 2021, Lindsey's VCE Tutoring cuts through the noises of our fast-paced, metrics-obsessed world, and begins our mission to help students excel through a cultivation of genuine interest in learning.

Lindsey was born in Vietnam, with almost no access to the resources other students grow up with. She found her own challenges self-studying A-Level English, IB Literature and AP Literature prior to moving to Melbourne in 2016. Being enmeshed in bilingual literature, Lindsey, at the age of 15, found ways to access other worlds beyond what was immediately available.

This genuine passion has motivated Lindsey to become one of the highest achieving English students in high school, and one of the top Literary Studies students at Monash University while completing her Bachelor of Law (Honours). This was precursory to the foundation of Lindsey's VCE Tutoring Team.

Shared the same passion and values, we have nurtured hundreds of VCE students in English, EAL and Literature, introduced them to the world of academia together with the satisfaction of scoring top marks in the state.

YOU will love working with us

You will be backed by a robust support system, from full admin support, teaching resources, state-of-the-art digital systems, to receiving opportunities for personal development and mentorship by our founder.

Testimonials from our team

"I have enjoyed my time at Lindsey's VCE Tutoring... having in the past tutored independently and with a different company, Lindsey's is by far the best experience I've had in all my years. She cares for her tutors, provides abundant resources, and has a very strong stream of clients. I think basically all her tutors (including myself) were at capacity. Vouch for Lindsey!"

William Liu

Former Senior Tutor

"I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the team at Lindsey’s VCE Tutoring. Lindsey, the admin team, and the other tutors go above and beyond to provide support and make tutoring an enjoyable and rewarding experience. The office is in an easily accessible location in the CBD and the students assigned are always a pleasure to work with! If you’re passionate about English/tutoring definitely consider applying."

Ella Waldman

Academic Director

"Highly recommend Lindsey's VCE Tutoring! They provide tons of support with detailed resources, a convenient office space and a helpful and friendly admin team. It's a great opportunity to work with wonderful students and grow your tutoring experience and skills."

William Bucknall

Senior Tutor

Our Values: The mantras of our work

Devotion & Commitment

As educators, we have the power to significantly change our students’ trajectories. By being committed to delivering the best outcomes for our students, we create meaningful experiences for both our students and ourselves.

Empathy & Gratitude

We believe in paying forward, and showing our gratitude every step along our journey. Practice mindfulness, and acknowledge how far we have gone, the student’s progress, and the attempts of your co-workers to do their very best.


Our Tutor Success team is committed to providing you with the best support, enabled through speedy communication. Be responsive, so we can avoid misunderstandings.

Our achievements

Despite being relatively new in the game, we are 7NEWS Young Achiever Winner of the 2022 Small Business Category.

Our success in supporting nearly 900 students, developing 10,000 pages of educational resources, and consistently achieving top VCE English scores are a testament to our passionate team of educators. Their dedication has shaped our nurturing community where students are empowered to grow through reading, writing, and problem-solving.

We inspire, mentor, and challenge students from all backgrounds: from school captains, and aspiring Premier’s Awards winners, to C+ students struggling to flip the pages. As advocates for an experience-centred approach to education, our team of passionate tutors focus on cultivating an interest in learning within students.

Our past scholarship recipients and students are now community leaders making great changes, realising their dreams to become doctors and lawyers, and flourishing overseas in the US and UK.

The seeds we planted are blooming; growth is imminent.