What to look for in a VCE English Tutor

Published on
March 21, 2024
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Year 12 students opt for subject specialists instead of one-stop shops – here's why. 

 Specialist English tutoring extends far beyond your ATAR score and Year 12 experience. It is an investment in your life's trajectory. From comprehending complex materials to the analytical skills required in business settings, it establishes the foundation of your academic, professional, and personal development. With no two students—or tutors—the same, finding the right support is essential to your individual VCE English journey. 

It's what you know AND who you know

High-performing students often credit their success to the personalised support of high school teachers and tutors. Where critical thinking and creativity find expression in structured, well-balanced essays, professional mentorship inspires students with the ability to engage critically. This map is a VCE English tutor's guide to finding the right tutor. Designed to help you navigate the competitive tutoring landscape, it features insider tips, flags to look out for and essential criteria. You might want to hit 'save'.

Academic fit: qualifications and curriculum coverage

Academic qualifications are non-negotiables when it comes to tutor selection. Consider whether the tutors are in the top 1% of VCE graduates with Honours-level undergraduate degrees or current studies underway. Their success offers insight into the commitment and focus necessary to realise your VCE English goals.

Unlike other VCE subjects, English is taught and assessed across various VCAA texts. Always ask if your tutor can teach your materials. They should provide a comprehensive program covering all exam components, whether text-specific or module-specific. Broad coverage will ensure you're prepared for every aspect of your VCE English exam.

Strong Contenders: Established companies with trained VCE high-achievers and school teachers.

Personality fit: connection and empathy

A supportive learning environment accommodates students as they navigate pressures throughout their most challenging school year. Seek tutors who express a personal investment in your development and individual well-being. Fostering a genuine interest in learning through positive learning experiences, relationships built on trust far exceed those built on results alone.

Great Contenders: Fresh graduates and high VCE achievers.

The "above and beyond": professional development and resources

Ideal candidates should have specialised training with advanced scholarly resources. Tutors with 20+ hours' across PhD-level materials and research stand to offer a great deal more than those providing generalised tuition. If they offer resources that support learning outside tutoring sessions, that's a big tick. Look for PowerPoint, weekly class notes, sample essays, and textbooks specific to your VCE English texts and components. These resources greatly enhance the learning process.

Great Contenders: Established tutoring companies with a narrow VCE subject focus.

Success record: beyond academic achievement

The best measure of a tutor's performance and teaching methodology is their track record of student success. Relative to individual student capabilities in the absence of selection bias, results offer insight into a tutor's average impact on academic development. While variations in student capabilities are inherent within the learning environment, the latter makes it difficult to assess tutorial success. 

Numbers don't lie, but student selection can be Biased 

Selection bias occurs when a limited pool of participants – instead of a randomised, representative sample – skews outcome reliability. A tutor's streak of high-performing students, for example, may say more about their admission process than their teaching capability. Reflecting their students' predisposure to excel, it does not accurately represent their performance. 

Here are a few ways to circumvent selection bias.

  1. Ask for diverse student testimonials: Look beyond the top-performing students and consider the experiences of students with a broad range of academic abilities. This will give you valuable insight into the tutor's ability to adapt to their students' needs.
  2. Request evidence of student progress: A successful tutor should be able to demonstrate that their students have made long-term, significant improvements. This will include higher grades, confidence in the subject, and a deeper engagement with the material.
  3. Evaluate the tutor's selection process: If a tutor selectively works with top-performing students, it might be challenging to assess their ability to support a student with unique needs. 

Remember, a tutor's success isn't limited to their top students' grades or their proportion of high-achievers. It's measured by their ability to deliver tailored learning experiences that realise academic potential.


Our top-performing students are not graduates of the best schools, nor did they start with the best grades. They found tutors who recognised their needs, understood VCE English material intimately, and actualised their academic development. Read their success stories on our Wall of Love to learn more about our students' achievements.

Is online tutoring worth It?

You're preparing for your exam and want all the help you can get — just not always in person. You want the best of both worlds.

VCE English support in Melbourne should be unrestricted by location. Where some students thrive working face-to-face, others benefit from online tutoring programs tailored to their learning schedules. Our hybrid tuition structure accommodates both learning styles, making sure all students can access tutoring support – whether in the CBD or not.

The Benefits of Online Tuition:

  1. Flexible scheduling. Online tutoring allows for greater flexibility in scheduling sessions, making it easier to fit into your busy Year 12 schedule.
  2. Better access to the best tutors. The perfect English tutor might live all the way in Warrnambool. They might have done all your texts, have the same sense of humour, and teach in your exact learning style. We love that we can connect you virtually and enable your VCE English journey. 
  3. Comfort and convenience. A successful study plan includes self-care. Creating a comfortable learning environment can motivate you come crunch time and reduce the risk of burnout. With reduced travel time, our online tutorials put productivity first.

Only a click away from your doorstep via our virtual Teaching Library, print booklets and study guides are accessible to online and in-person classes – no matter your location. 

Comparing the options

Independent tutors and fresh graduates

While independent tutors and fresh graduates can provide personalised attention, they frequently need more resources to support students comprehensively. With little visibility into the accuracy of their material or quality control, student learning experiences and results may be compromised.

School teachers

Many teachers offer tutoring as a side job, resulting in teaching methods closely resembling their classroom teaching styles. Committed to a broad student base, they often lack the capacity to deliver a personalised learning experience.

Tutoring companies

Tutoring companies come in two main types. Acting as intermediaries, agencies are limited to the student-tutor pairing process and take little responsibility for student needs. Academies, on the other hand, invest in professional development and resources, curating an array of free and paid resources.

Not all tutoring academies are created equal. 

Generalist institutions offering tuition across a broad spectrum of subjects lack specialisation. They face resource shortages and lack depth and focus in any one subject area.

You may want to consider:

  • The tutoring company's capacity for your specific learning needs
  • The tutoring company's package and course flexibility 
  • The cost-benefit of course resources. While some companies are priced highly and offer relatively few resources, others invest significantly in student curriculums and resources. Yes, ours is a reasonably-priced premium experience. Explore our packages for yourself here.
  • The tutoring company's testimonials. Anecdotal evidence of Year 12 experiences is the best way to judge your alignment. Take our happy student testimonials, for example. 

How we address these concerns:

At Lindsey's VCE Tutoring, we integrate the best tuition structures for an innovative learning experience. Our tutorial body, comprising the top 1% of VCE English scorers, has been hand-picked to deliver exceptional learning outcomes, teaching styles, and course quality. Through stringent vetting, comprehensive interviewing, and a meticulous trialling process, we pair committed, qualified tutors with students aspiring for academic excellence. Head here to meet some of Melbourne's leading tutors specialising in VCE English.

Committed to enriching your learning experience, we offer a free, extensive resource list curated by perfect scorers and PhD-level researchers. Our tutoring approach focuses on deep, personal student connections, fostering supportive and empathetic environments. We are bolstered by a comprehensive curriculum for targeted, specialist English tuition.

Ours is an inventory comprising VCE English resources belonging to PhD-qualified and Honours-level academics. Our tutors are vetted for personality compatibility, experience and expertise (separate to their standing in the top 1% of academic Victorian performance). With several pricing packages, online tuition and a CBD office setting for in-person classes, ours is a company that invests in your success. Finding the right tutor will enhance your Year 12 experience, boost your academic skill set, and provide the guidance and support needed to excel in VCE English and beyond. 

After all, the right tutor can change the trajectory of your educational journey. Good luck!